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At Lakeland Search Group, we offer a range of innovative and effective recruiting solutions.  We focus on finding Technical, R & D, Manufacturing Management, Sales, Marketing and HR talent within the flexible packaging industry that will make a positive impact on your organization.  We also help to study and improve your recruiting process, enabling you to select the right people and use your recruiting dollars as effectively as possible.  Lakeland Search Group seeks to improve the recruiting experience for hiring managers, human resource executives, and candidates.

Our primary focus is to build a business partnership that will allow us to successfully recruit and retain exceptional professionals for our clients' industry.  We have assisted numerous national clients with unique and specific search assignments and market development endeavors.  We will customize our search to meet your exact specifications and only submit candidates that have been thoroughly screened to meet your needs.

Lakeland Search Group offers a range of recruiting services based on what is best for our clients.  We listen to the client's needs and ask questions about the culture, organization, business and existing challenges around attracting the best talent to the company.  Then we offer tailored recruiting solutions to meet those specific needs.  

Our candidates all come pre-screened and strongly recommended.  We receive thousands of resumes, and we will sift through the weak, so you don't have to.  This allows us to rapidly locate and notify you of individuals we find with the exact talents you are seeking, all resulting in a lower cost per hire.  

Please contact us today, and we can begin to help you find that perfect candidate to set your business apart.