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Phone Interview

bulletConduct the phone interview in a location that gives you privacy.  Make sure there are no noisy distractions.  Do not chew gum, smoke, etc...
bulletBe prepared, have career driving questions ready.
bulletDo some research on the company.  You can get information on companies' websites, trade magazines and also information that our recruiter may provide. Find out about their sales, number of employees, primary competitors, products, and plans for the future.
bulletHave a copy of your resume with you.  Give answers that show you are an impact player, give dollar and cents results.  Give examples with specific details of how you accomplished results.
bulletTake notes during the conversation.
bulletRemember, this is the employer's first impression of you.  Tone of voice, selection of words, and enthusiasm are very important at this point.  The employer must also identify enough potential skills to want to invite you for an onsite interview.
bulletWhen starting a phone interview, ask the interviewer to give you a brief description of the job opportunity.  This will give you a better idea of what experience is important to the company.  Then you will be able to focus your experience to what is important to the current opening.  
bulletAfter answering the employer's questions, take time to ask some questions of your own.  Remember that both parties are gathering information to make a decision whether to go to the next step.  
bulletDo not ask questions regarding salary on a phone interview.  This should be a time of gathering information and selling your skills to get to an onsite interview.  Salary can be negotiated once an offer is received.  
bulletWhen the interview is coming to a close, let the employer know you are interested in learning more about the opportunity and would like to come for an onsite interview.  Have your calendar in front of you.  Availability shows you are interested and ready to interview.

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