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Resume Writing

Chronological resume is the preferred resume.  It provides information about the number of employers, how long you've worked for those companies, and what you did at those firms.  This format makes it easy to evaluate a candidate's career history.  Effective resumes should be one to two pages in length.  Use Times New Roman or similar style type with a font size no smaller than 10.  Keep the type styles and sizes uniform.  Avoid overusing bold, italics, and capitalization as well as fancy formats, macros, tables, and pictures.  

Make sure you spell check your resume.  More importantly, proof read your resume. Spell check doesn't pick up on grammatical errors, typos, and misused words.  Speak about your current employer in present tense and use past tense for past employers. You should avoid writing your resume in the first person, therefore, do not reference "I".  Make sure dates are accurate for your work history.  Make sure to include your graduation dates with college degrees, with GPA's.  These dates are necessary in order to verify your degree.  Send your resume in a Microsoft Word or similar word processing document.  Avoid sending Zip or other complicated attachments that employers may not be able to open.

Sample Resume
City, State, Zip
Home Phone and/or Cell Phone
Work Phone
Email Address

OBJECTIVE:  What type of position are you seeking.  Keep this simple.

Degree, Major, School, City, State, Graduation Date
GPA if 3.0 or better

Company Name, Location
Month/Year to Month/Year or Month/Year to Present
This company manufactures _________________ used as _________________. Processes include____________________________.

(separate dates here if you've held more than one position with this company.)


(Use this format for each company)

(List skills used in your professional career.)

(List any professional groups, clubs, etc. that you are or have been involved with.)


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